My Life Becomes a Circus
My name is Laura Jane, and I am the Domain Tamer behind Tame Your Domain™ – a professional organization service, dedicated to Mommies with Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed – our kids and their chaos.

The day I married was the day my life changed from orderly and manageable to busy and changeable. I instantly became a Bonus Mom for two beautiful daughters. We bought our first home. We adopted a dog, and had 2 more kids. My husband and I worked together in a home based business. My life really had become a circus, and I needed some new systems.

Meeting My Audience
The “Mom Mess” gained momentum – kids, toys, shared space, less personal space, income burdens, less time, more demands, and tons of clutter. During this time other moms would echo my observations: “I never used to be like this before kids”, “I always had control over my finances when I was single”. “what is with the LAUNDRY!”. “I’ve always been a tidy person, what happened?!”

And so began the itchy idea of Tame Your Domain™.

I began by helping my other "mom" friends take control in their lives and surroundings. We brought our kids together for play and simultaneously tackled a project. One cupboard. One closet. One basement at a time. I had the desire and ability to help moms find their way through the demands of life with kids. Together we established order in their environment. New energy entered the home and peace entered their minds.

Behind the Performance
Rehearsing makes a performance great. I've done a lot, so you can expect to get what you pay for: a life changing performance. I can offer attention to detail, creativity, confidentiality and good humour. I am Organized. Energetic. Hard-working. Compassionate. Experienced.

Train to be a Ring Master
Your whole life will benefit. What begins as clutter busting will end with a new perspective and peace on your life as a whole. It will provide you with time to be involved in the things that truly matter to you, and you will have a big sense of accomplishment by becoming your OWN Ring Master.

Welcome to our shared experience under the 'Big Top' we call home – together we will Tame Your Domain

Laura Jane Brew

The M.O.M. Method™
Let me help you transform your “Big Top” into the home you know it can be with my 3 step M.O.M. organization method. It is designed to get you excited about the process of change and help you and your family conquer clutter. Experience established three important elements in a providing home organization – they are the building blocks of my M.O.M method

M.otivation - encourage my client to begin the process and listen as sensitively during the process.
O.rganization - teach my client skills for organizing, so they can continue the process independently
M.anagement - give my client tools to maintain their space and a follow-up program to remain their resource